Email list for worldwide HORECA

HORECA list from different countries.
70,00 €

Email list for HORECA (cafes, bars, restaurants, soft icecream, slushes, drinking chocolate powder, tea, coffee, waffle, syrups etc.) from the following countries:

Austria: 3000 emails.
Belgium: 5000 emails.
Bulgaria: 5000 emails.
Cyprus: 1500 emails.
Czech Republic: 20000 emails.
Denmark: 6000 emails.
Finland: 800 emails.
France: 35000 emails.
Germany: 35000 emails.
Greece: 7500 emails.
Hungary: 5000 emails.
Italy: 17000 emails.
Netherlands: 5000 emails.
Norway: 5000 emails.
Poland: 15000 emails.
Portugal: 5000 emails.
Romania: 3000 emails.
Spain: 9000 emails.
Sweden: 2000 emails.
Switzerland: 4000 emails.
UK: 46000 emails.

All data is in .TXT files, containes only the email address.

– All emails are real and double checked;
– Instant Download of the email list after payment is done;
– Pay with PayPal or credit/debit card, paying with credit/debit card is accomplished through PayPal;
– The package contains: the email list + a software for sending your newsletters;